It's 6 a.m. in the morning, coffee in hand you stroll across the runway from the small hut you slept in to the operations office at a small grass airfield, you are still wondering how you got a Fairchild C119 in here last night.

Already the morning mist is deep and the rain drizzling.
Mild for this time of year, you muse, normally its heavier rain and force 10 gales.

Another pilot takes off into the fog as you reach the ops office, the duty Ops manager has left an assignment in your mail pigeon hole. Take a Baron 58 down to a tiny grass strip, it's urgent, a doctor needs to be on the Island in 3 hours.

People are ill, and the health service always pays well. It's up to you to get the job done, what ever the weather. No push button flying for you, no ILS, vis less then a mile, mountains and low cloud, no autoland... But you know how to really fly, you're a AHI virtual pilot.

Microsoft flight simulation aircraft With FSE loads, assignments in a virtual economic enviroment where we can buy fixed bases (FBO's), rent, lease or buy aircraft and pay pilots plus much more, coupled to VATSIM enviroment with FORCED weather, which we are all in, the same virtual world and we can literally fly into each other! We have combined three great systems to achieve a dynamic as real as it gets enviroment for our crew.

Push button pilots need not apply.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Airfield purchase

AHI the virtual airline has purchased MDDJ Dajabon Dominican Republic to compliment the airfield at MUBA Gustavo Rizo, Baracoa, Cuba in its FS Economy / VATSIM environment. AHI is planning to expand its Island operations in the area and extend into the United States via Florida.

Initial flight operations for the virtual airline will be localised with light rental aircraft. Forecasting the use of multi-engined aircraft and an aircraft purchase in the coming months.

The virtual airline has researched various aircraft to accomplish its operational mission and has designed a natural growth strategy working its way up from light 4-6 seaters to 10-15 seats then a jump to 50-60 seater chartered regular service from Cuba to main land USA targeting Florida and South Georgia.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

AHI sub-contracts pilot

AHI, the virtual airline, has sub-contracted its work force to Air Europe for a period unspecified.

Pilots are on 40% profit bonus until notified.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Barbacoa MUBA Operations begin

The virtual airline, AHI or Air highlands and Islands, has begun operations out of its new fixed base airport in Cuba.

Chartered pax and cargo have been scheduled in its first full day of FS Economy operations for the virtual airline which wil be flown on VATSIM under callsign UI01. The virtual company is hoping for an increase in business in the area as they operate a King air 350 for initial scheduled flights.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Cuban Airport purchased

AHI has purchased Baracoa MUBA on the Cuban Island for virtual airline operations servicing Miami Florida KMIA and Cancun Mexico MMUN.

Baracoa sports 4 gates, full services and entered the market at a bargin. Operations begin later today.